Individual coaching provides spaces and places for men to explore a myriad of issues such as: life transformations, personal transitions, emerging identities, and career acceleration. Our coaching philosophy is grounded in the importance of leveraging interpersonal relationships to cultivate men who will harness the positive aspects of their leadership to practically transform their working relationships and workspaces.

Leadership Development

Leadership is critical to the health of any organization. To the extent that male leaders are modelling behaviors that undermine the joy, safety, and well-being of themselves and others, we provide leadership training to deconstruct vestiges of toxic masculinity and help build a healthier model of leadership, personal presence, and interpersonal engagement.

Team Building

Male leadership not only impacts the leader but the team itself. Therefore, any work must encompass to deconstruct how masculinity has affected communication, team dynamics, interpersonal relations, decision-making, and overall leadership. As a result, we consult with teams to diagnose gender gaps, identify equitable strategies, and foment a culture of greater overall team cohesion effectiveness.